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i need to find some chicks who dont mind getting naked and wet and having there picture taken... and can make tragic/dramatic/agonizing pain poses.....

acrid lust: will you get naked for me and let me hose you down and take pictures while you cry?
OctoberVision: Yes.
OctoberVision: Hoses seem to be a common theme tonight.

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OctoberVision: Were you [turned on]?
ToyOfDesperation: fuck, derek... you turn me on like a firefighter to a fire hydrant
OctoberVision: I've got your hose, baby.
ToyOfDesperation: whoo!

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Studying. Why aren't you wack ass hoes posting anything? I need something else to read...

I like blue File Record of Verbal Communications paper.
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I'm at school right now... Damn school. I hate being here, but I have to stay. I have finals all this week. Poo. Tomorrow is my anatomy and physiology final. I'm going to fail it and it's going to bring my grade -WAY- fucking down. blah.

Funny you posted that little piece of that convo... Derek and I were mentioning our feelings on three-somes last night. lol. I could never do that... eh.. one is enough at a time. trust me. any more gets confusing and painful.

happy two year anniversary indeed.

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I guess I'll have to see that movie. ::blink::

I'm glad I finally finished this fucking essay. This was horrible to write. It's a horrible essay too. My teacher is going tobe dissapointed.

Time to call Derek.

thus far

Transcending Adventures

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain and the different characters Twain uses in this book are a good representation of the many ways of thinking in the past. The main character, Huckleberry Finn, otherwise known as Huck, could have represented Romanticism, Transcendentalism, Realism, or Naturalism as his school of thought. Huck ran into many situations where his thinking skills were put to the test. We see Huck�s personality and way of thinking through his actions during the story, and also through the adventures he gets in to. Huck Finn was a transcendentalist because of the way he thought and acted in situations throughout the book.
Like all transcendentalists, Huck believed that his conscious was in control of his decisions. Huck didn�t always follow his heart, like a romanticist, or his environment, like a realist, or nature, like a naturalist. Huck was very superstitious. Superstition is a big part of the conscious. "After breakfast," said Huck, "I wanted to talk about the dead man and guess how he come to be killed, but Jim didn�t want to. He said it would fetch bad luck." (51) "And Jim said you mustn�t count the things you are going to cook for dinner, because that would bring bad luck," said Huck (45). Huck always believed the superstitions that Jim told him, and followed them. On the part of his conscious, Huck did not want any bad luck.
Transcendentalists dismissed tradition, just as Huck had. He did not enjoy the traditions the Widow placed upon him when he lived with her. He did not enjoy dressing up and going to school all the time. Huck enjoyed being around his friend Tom Sawyer, who by no means followed any traditions but his own. Even though Huck did not understand the depth of Tom�s imagination, he had fun running around and going on adventures with Tom, not worrying about consequences or nature standing in their way. All Huck knew was that he was having fun, not worrying about bravery or whom they ran in to.
Huck was truly and individual, as most transcendentalists were. He enjoyed company just as much as the next person, but Huck was not dependent on anyone. He was always running away from authority. His father tried to make Huck live with him. Huck was only willing to go because he knew that living with his father would give him more freedom to do as he pleased than when he lived with the Widow. When Huck�s father started locking Huck inside, Huck knew he had to find a way to get out and become free again. "He kept me with him all the time, and I never got a chance to run off. We lived in the old cabin, and he always locked the door and put they key under his head nights," said Huck (24).

now i need another body paragraph and the conclusion... fuck fuck fuck